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What do researchers think of our products?

Hi, I’ve just got a Dark Reader and I am incredibly impressed with its performance.
University College London

We certainly did see a dramatic improvement with our transformations. It was certainly greater than 100 fold and probably approached 1000. We worked with two inserts, one that was 1.5 kb and the second that was 3.8. Both were put into Bluescript. I was impressed and glad that our cloning efficiencies have improved.
University Kentucky

I just wanted to drop off a note of appreciation for the fast shipment of the new equipment & parts. It is a fantastic series of products that we use everyday. The incredible service we encounter with Clare Chemical makes your stuff stand out even more.
North Carolina State University

I’m a big fan of your Dark Reader technology. I ordered a Dark Reader at my last job (Johns Hopkins University), and I used it all the time. People from neighboring labs came to use it all the time. The Dark Reader is clearly a superior technology – for a reasonable price.
National Institutes Health

Indeed we are enthusiastic users of the Dark Reader. We are using the machine on an everyday basis and we are very happy with it. We use it for routine purposes, including viewing gels. We use GelStar as a dye. It is great, one does not need to worry about nicked DNA or burned skin on the wrist. We love it.
National University of Singapore

With the same batch of precut DNA, it seemed like we got 100 – 1000 times more transformants with the Dark Reader. We use the Dark Reader for all cloning now.
University Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

We are very enthusiastic about the Dark Reader and use it to isolate DNA fragments.
Harvard University

We use the Dark Reader every day when I am actively doing PCR’s. I appreciate its small footprint, innocuous radiation, and the sensitivity of the dyes used with it. And I especially appreciate that we are no longer dealing with ethidium bromide.
University Oregon

Thanks for the the Dark Reader. We are all impressed by the exceptional emission/excitation matching in your filter set- looking at samples through the glasses is an exercise in unreality!
Biotech Company, Atlanta, GA

The Dark Reader has made it so much easier to screen our GFP mice
University Rochester

The Dark Reader Spot Lamp came yesterday. It lights up my EGFP mice beautifully, even through their cages. In addition, it illuminates my bacterial EYFP cultures very well. My colleagues are very impressed.
Dartmouth College

The Dark Reader has become an essential part of our cloning process.
Vanderbilt University

The Dark Reader Spot Lamp worked even better than I’d hoped (for viewing fluorescein derivatives in fish)
United States Fish & Wildlife Service

I tried the Dark Reader Hand Lamp and it works well for purifying BAC DNA.( using a cesium chloride density gradient) The band was very clear.
Harvard University

The gels REALLY glow in your light! Your Handbook is very helpful. All my students are studying it now.
University Wisconsin

We really love our Dark Reader. My friends who have gone off to start their own academic labs have almost all gotten one. They are particularly happy about not having to worry about undergrads blinding themselves (with UV).
Cornell University

Hi there. I have a Dark Reader and think it is wonderful!
National Health Laboratory Services

Wanted to let you know that the Dark Reader is great.
Biotech Company, Denver

I am now using Dark Reader for new project I am conducting. It is working great. I am very happy about your help for information on the camera and its additional things required. Thank you very much. This Dark Reader system is working better than the (UV) system I was using in Japan.
Biotech Company, Sioux Falls, SD

I am interested in purchasing another Dark Reader (I have moved to a new lab) and need some information.I previously used your Dark Reader and had very good success with cloning…thanks!
Biotech Company, Austin, TX

The reason why I do like the Dark Reader is because it does not damage the DGGE bands which we need to reamplify.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA

This is one of the most exciting (sorry, couldn’t resist) developments in gel visualization in years.
Biotech Company, Wisconsin

I recently bought one of your transilluminators and together with a Canon Poweshot G11 it is working extremely well for our DNA gels. We are very happy. Nice product. I wonder why people still buys the UV transilluminators.
Fox Chase Cancer Center

I would like to thank you guys for making our life much easier with this lamp. I am still amazed from what I have seen yesterday when checking fluorescence with the Hand Lamp.
Ohio University