UV-Free Fluorescence

Dark Reader®
Blue Light Technology

By Clare Chemical Research


All our Dark Reader blue transilluminators use pure visible blue light as the excitation source and there is NO damaging and dangerous ultra-violet radiation to worry about.

Image of a Dark Reader transilluminator

Hand-held Lamps

The Dark Reader blue LED Hand Lamp and Spot Lamp are very versatile devices for viewing fluorescent samples around the lab. The Lamps are very popular for viewing GFPs in transgenic plants and animals.

Image of a UV lamp and accessory glasses


Key accessories such as viewing glasses and camera filters can be purchased separately. Dark Reader camera filters, with exactly the same optical properties as the amber screens, are available in a variety of sizes.


Visible Blue Light

Dark Reader blue LED transilluminators and hand lamps reveal fluorescent DNA, RNA, proteins and other biological samples using a revolutionary combination of a VISIBLE blue light source and two color filters.

Very Sensitive

Dark Reader apparatus is at least as sensitive as UV for the detection of many popular dyes and can be used to see, directly by eye, less than 100 pg of stained DNA.


The Dark Reader visible blue light source is particularly effective for viewing fluorophors through glass and plastic, and even in transgenic plants and animals.

Safe & Improved Cloning

Because Dark Reader devices emits no UV, there is essentially zero risk of eye and skin damage. Also, the extent of DNA sample damage is drastically reduced and cloning efficiency is increased over 100-fold.

Compatible with

DNA Stains

Fluorescent Proteins

Protein Stains

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews