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Transilluminators - All models now on sale!

DR22A Mini Transilluminator

The miniature DR22 blue LED transilluminator designed for those on a budget – just big enough for viewing mini-gels.
$545 $495

DR46B Compact Transilluminator

The compact DR46 blue LED transilluminator is convenient for viewing small DNA and protein gels as well as other smaller samples.
$795 $745

DR89X Mid-size Transilluminator

The mid-size DR89 blue LED transilluminator is ideal for most laboratory applications.

$1,195 $1,145

DR196 Large Transilluminator

Our largest unit, the DR196 transilluminator, which employs a double array of high intensity blue LEDs, has a massive surface for viewing multiple samples and extra large gels.

$2,350 $2,250

Hand-held Lamps

Dark Reader Spot Lamp

The new Dark Reader Spot Lamp generates a narrower beam about twice as intense as the Hand Lamp and covers an area about 5 cm in diameter – useful for minigels and smaller samples. The remarkable efficiency of the Spot Lamp means that it can be powered by a small battery pack, allowing the Lamp to be easily used in remote locations.


Dark Reader Hand Lamp

The Hand Lamp (HL34T) smoothly illuminates an area about 20 cm diameter (from a distance of 30 cm) and is ideal for use with bigger gels and larger samples in general.


Viewing Glasses

Dark Reader Glasses (compact)

If you need additional glasses. (One pair is already included with every Transilluminator and Lamp. )


Dark Reader Glasses (classic)

The alternative style of viewing glasses. Some users may prefer these as they provide more clearance over standard reading glasses.