Dark Reader hand-held lamps enable the viewing of fluorophors in a variety of settings far beyond simple electrophoresis gels

Dark Reader Spot Lamp

The new Dark Reader Spot Lamp (SL10S) generates a narrower beam about twice as intense as the Hand Lamp and covers an area about 5 cm in diameter – useful for minigels and smaller samples.

The remarkable efficiency of the Spot Lamp means that it can be powered by a small battery pack, allowing the Lamp to be easily used in remote locations.

Image of a UV spot lamp

Dark Reader Hand Lamp

All our Dark Reader Lamps use pure visible blue light as the excitation source and there is NO damaging and dangerous UV radiation to worry about. The blue light is especially suited for following fluorophors such as GFP and RFP as well as DNA stains such as GelGreen and GelStar. The Hand Lamp (HL34T) smoothly illuminates an area about 20 cm diameter (from a distance of 30 cm) and is ideal for use with bigger gels and larger samples in general.

Image of a UV lamp and accessory glasses

Using a Dark Reader Lamp you can monitor :

  • Viral infection in whole plants
  • Bacterial metabolism of toxic waste
  • Fish distribution in river systems
  • GFP expression in mice
  • And many, many other applications!

Both the Dark Reader Hand Lamp and Spot Lamp come provided with a free pair of Dark Reader viewing glasses. The glasses are used to block the blue light from the Dark Reader so that the fluorescence from the sample can be clearly seen.
Image of a single pair of orange viewing glasse

HL34T Hand Lamp Specifications
Overall dimensions: 17 x 16 cm (l x d)
Illumination area: ~ 20 cm diameter
Weight: 450 g approx
Electrical: 12V wall transformer
Optical: 6 x blue high power LEDs

SL10S Spot Lamp Specifications
Overall dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 cm (l x w x h)
Illumination area: ~ 5 cm diameter
Weight: 110 g approx
Electrical: 12V wall transformer
Optical: 3 x blue high power LEDs