Dark Reader Transilluminators

Dark Reader blue light transilluminators are now available in 4 sizes from the compact blue LED DR22 - ideal for mini-gels - up to the expansive DR196 which can handle 45 x 30 cm gels.

Hand-Held Lamps

The Dark Reader blue LED Hand Lamp and Spot Lamp are very versatile devices for viewing fluorescent samples around the lab. The Lamps are very popular for viewing GFPs in transgenic plants and animals.


Every Dark Reader unit now ships with a free pair of viewing glasses but you may need more.
Dark Reader camera filters are available in a variety of sizes - ideal for digital imaging.

GelHead - 2nd edition in development!

While we are working hard to produce an improved Gel Head version, you can find some information about the previous model below:

The Dark Reader GelHead (DG345) is a unique electrophoresis unit that contains an integral Dark Reader transilluminator. This allows DNA fragments to be directly viewed as they migrate down the gel.

Using the Dark Reader GelHead, the researcher can continuously monitor the progress of a DNA fractionation, and so a gel only needs to be run until the DNA bands of interest are separated. Depending on the complexity of the sample, this can occur in 30 minutes or less.

Using GelStar, GelGreen, SYBR Safe or ethidium bromide as an ‘in-agarose’ stain, the Dark Reader GelHead allows DNA bands to be watched in real time as they migrate through a gel.

Image of the old GelHead model